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Book A Suv To Enjoy Bahama’s Top Most Visitors’ Attractions

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From beautiful beaches to extroverted golf courses, most will agree that the Bahamas are the exemplary refreshing Caribbean vacation destination. If you’re first time in this tropical island, you’d want to hire a reliable SUV service in the Bahamas to explore all the attraction it has to offer in a comfortable way. Let’s find out what should be on your “to do” list when you hire a SUV for sightseeing or exploration in the Bahamas.

Paradise Island: Living up to its name, Paradise Island is must visit for any traveler. Having the finest resorts and hotels, this place is simply enthralling with its gorgeous landscapes. Covering over 685 sections of land in the Caribbean, Paradise Island is amazing with a wide range of bars, restaurants, spas, gambling casinos, and inns. Shorelines & water based games make this islet all the more appealing & it’s absolutely tough to get tired here.

Pirate Museum: Well-placed in Nassau, the Pirate Museum has hundreds of delightful stories regarding many pirates in the region. It provides an interactive place which allures so many kids & adults who’re enthralled by the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’ in the Caribbean. The brick red museum features each historical element associated with that era. A small gift store parallel to the museum sells all sorts of pirate-inspired souvenirs including flags, maps, and postcards. For a round trip to Pirate Museum, just choose an SUV service which can bring you’re the most economical travel in the Bahamas.

Clifton Heritage Park–


If you want to know a little of History, Clifton Heritage Land and Sea Park is one of the best places to visit. Not only historic but also a good spot for a picnic, snorkel in the underwater garden, a spot for meditation. You must know that public transportation is not available for this place and tourists always opt for a taxi or through a tour operator and love to go with a day tour Package too or even an SUV Service in the Bahamas does the work for you.


Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Park:

Pay a trip to the Ardastra Gardens & explore the native flora & fauna of the Bahamas. The conservation park, zoo, and the garden offer the ideal chance for the tourists to get up close & personal with nature. Home to more than 300 different animals, the majority of which are rare and endangered, the Ardastra zoo possess the largest collection of local Bahamian creatures in the earth. The group of the flamingo is the main attraction in the zoo. The remarkable gardens with countless fruit trees, orchids, coconut, brilliantly colored plants, flowers and herbs allures every local &overseer to go for an opulent stroll through them.

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